Creative Writing


    • Aleatory;or, A Day in the Life of Jürgen Jürgensen, Imaginary Cartographer: A Novel in Four Cities (novel)
    • The Checks and Balances of Alfie Schiller: A Novel in 660 Checks (novel)
    • Kissing Sonia Braga &Other Stories (short stories)


    • Dante’s Foil & Other Sporting Tales (short stories)
    • Borges’Travel, Hemingway’s Garage (short stories)


    • Balzac’s Coffee, DaVinci’s Ristorante Vol. II Secret Histories (short stories)
    • Nietzsche’s Café, Axel’s Charhouse, Vol. III Secret Histories (short stories)
    • Bartlesby’s Books, Gatsby’s Café, Vol. IV Secret Histories (short stories)
    • Pushkin’s Vodka, Dickens’ Drugs, Vol. V Secret Histories (short stories)
    • The Apotheosis of Aaron & Other Stories
    • The Tales of Hoffman (novel)
    • Moonlight on the Wabash (novel)
    • Golubov’s Refrain (novel)
    • The Madness of Jacob Lipsky (novel)
    • Paris Match (novella)
    • How Abbie Goldman Got Kissed in Venice (novel)


    • The Mad Diary Of Malcolm Malarkey, Phd.(novel in progress)
    • Bombay, California

Synopsis | Excerpt

    • Cardboard Castles

Synopsis | Excerpt

    • Cloud Castles

Synopsis | Excerpt

    • Capital Castles

Synopsis | Excerpt

    • The Posthumous Memoirs of Blase Kubash

Synopsis | Excerpt

    • From Kiev with love, Book I
    • A Parisian Prowler, Book II
    • The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse on Rodeo Drive, Book III


  • Voltaire’s Ashes
  • Ti Amo, Lucia Olivetti
  • Taxing Tales: A Trilogy of One Acts
  • Superman in America
  • Van Gogh’s Audit
  • Bruno Arlt at the Grill Café
  • A Colloquy of Birds

Literary Criticism

    • The Politics of Style in the Fiction of Balzac Beckett &Cortazar

Synopsis | Excerpt

    • The Next Thing


  • The Poetics of Novels
  • No Symbols Where None Intended
  • Notions of the Feminine
  • Notions of the Masculine

Screenplay / Teleplay

  • “Malarkey” (Motion Picture Screenplay, Original)
  • “Encino Story”(Motion Picture Treatment, adaptation of Ozu’s “Tokyo Story”) [In collaboration with American director, David Anspaugh]
  • “Moonlight on the Wabash”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original) [Two-Time Finalist, Sundance Institute;Finalist, Academy of Motion Picture Arts &Sciences, Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, Los Angeles, CA]
  • “Napoléon Awakening”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original)
  • “Sherman Oaks, Argentina”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original)
  • “The Poet and the Boxer”(Motion Picture Treatment, Original)
  • “Bitters &the Professor”(Motion Picture Treatment, Original)
  • “The Retiring James Bond”(Motion Picture Treatment, Original)
  • “Shakespeare’s Fools”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original)
  • “Of Gold and Ashes”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original) [Finalist, Sundance Institute;Finalist, Academy of Motion Picture Arts &Sciences, Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, Los Angeles, CA]
  • “Paris Match”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original)
  • “Sister Half Hitch”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original)
  • “The Fall of Evening Thunder”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original) [Finalist, Writers Guild of America-East, Fellowship in Screenwriting, New York, NY]
  • “Chicago Bares”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original)
  • “The Sigma Boys”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original)
  • “The Sephiros Project”(Motion Picture Screenplay, Original)
  • “An Author’s Mother”by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Video Adaptation) [1st Prize for Screenwritng, Scottish Association of Filmmakers, Award in Screenwriting, Edinburgh, Scotland;Bronze Award for Screenwriting, Internacional de Video do Algarve, Algarve, Portugal
  • "The August Sprinter" (Motion Picture Screenplay, Original)
  • "The Villiers' Chalice" (Teleplay, Original)
  • "Doogie Howser, M.D." (Spec Teleplay—"Dr. Howser's Purple Haze")
  • "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd," (Spec Teleplay - "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Yearns") 1st Prize for Teleplay Writing, University of Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum, Madison, WI]
  • “Hill Street Blues”(Spec Teleplay –“Basketball Jones”)
  • “Life Goes On”(Spec Teleplay –“Educating Becca”)
  • “L.A. Law”(Spec Teleplay –“Grace Be Nimble”)
  • “Family Ties”(Spec Teleplay –“It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World”)
  • “Ulrich, The Gallant”(Motion Picture Treatment, Original)
  • “The Terrible Siren: The Life of Victoria Woodhull”(Motion Picture Treatment, Original)
  • “Bandstand at West Baden”(Motion Picture Treatment, Original)
  • “Giovanni’s Requiem”(Motion Picture Treatment, Original)
  • “Vukovich: The Mad Russian ”(Motion Picture Treatment, Original)


  • Novel Poems
  • Cahier de Paris &Prose Poems from Other Places
  • Collected Prose Poems 1976-1982
  • Neville Chamberlain’s Chimera (Membrane Press, 1971)


  • Anathemas and Admirations: Posthumous Memoirs of a Living Writer
  • Pedestrian Writings, 1990-2014
  •, 2009-Present. Blogger.


  • WAITING FOR GODEAU, (original title, MERCADET) play by Balzac
  • VOYAGE AROUND MY ROOM, by Xavier de Maistre
  • LA FANFARLO, by Baudelaire
  • ANGELINA’S LIPS (introduction) by Giuseppe Conte
Bombay, California
The Poetics of Novels
Cardboard Castles
Cloud Castles
Capital Castles
The Politics of Style in the Fiction
Capital Castles
Dante's Foil
Viajes Borges, Garage Hemingway
Waiting for Godot
Balzac's Cofee
Borges Travel
Poetics of Prose
Madness in Fiction
Nietsche's Café
Notions of the Feminine